To understand the nature of internal martial arts

Chinese philosophy has overtime converged and influenced the Chinese martial arts
especially the concepts from yi jing, five element theory, tai ji and the famous ‘Art of War. The internal arts have specialized in the theory of the Dao and of ‘qi’.From very early on the martial arts recognized ‘qi’ as the manifestation of the ‘dao’.

As such the forms, skills and qualities gained from the practice and the moment are all informed by this concept of ‘qi’. This idea informs us that an individuals health and well being is governed by the level of your ‘qi’.

Internal arts are the amalgamation of the harmony of yin yang, nurturing of the body and being at one with the universe.

The internal martial arts are ba gua, tai ji and xing yi. Each discipline has it’s own systems, strategies and ways to develop martial skills and the spirit based off their understanding of the Dao. They satisfy the physical as well as spiritual pursuits.