Yi Zong Bagua was founded by Master Zhang, Jun Feng in 1948 after closing his fruit wholesale business, "Han Gong Qiu", in Tianjin and moved to Taiwan due to the turbulence in China. He had changed his business to selling grains and flours instead and taught martial art at the old children's park by Jilong river in Yuanshan. Due to high demand and his own interest in martial art, along with difficulty in running his business, Zhang made teaching his career instead.

zhang jungfeng

Zhang's Xingyi was a branch of the Hebei Li, Cun Yi system, his Bagua was from the Guanghua and Gao, Yi Sheng branch, and his Tai Chi was from the Hao style. Yi Zong is an amalgam of three styles and contains all three major internal styles. At the time there were no others in Taiwan teaching such a system, thus it was named Tai Shi Yi Zong (meaning First Yi Zong in Taiwan). The Yi Zong Martial Academy was founded in 1950 where Bagua, Xingyi and Tai Chi were taught.

While living in Tianjin, Zhang was a close friend of Wu, Meng Xia, often referring to each other as brothers. Wu introduced Zhang to Gao, Yi Sheng and had Gao teach Bagua pre-heaven and post-heaven palms at Zhang's home. Zhang also received guidance from Wu regarding internal hand methods and combat skills.